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Will you look at us right now! Ladies we are doing it, with all the poise and class ever known to mankind. Ladies, we have our heads up high, our minds in sync, prepared to take on the world. I must say today I am blessed and proud to be a Black woman. Barriers still present despite the efforts of our foremothers are being broken right now. We as a sisterhood can not be ceased and this is evident around the country. We are taking charge of spaces that have yearned for our counsel and collaboration for decades. Sis take a look around you! This is the time for us women to bask in all of the beauty, intelligence, bravery, and downright bombness Mother God has embedded in our DNA.

2021 is the year of femininity in all its glory and power…mothers, daughters, and sisters are connecting across all platforms to push all efforts of Love and Pride. We are giving birth to Goddesses and this must be emphasized more than ever. With this new insurgence of role models, therapists, artists, businesswomen, and healers, it's inevitable to see the future of this world unapologetically outlined with hues of brown women.

Like every woman, I know what I know! Womanhood is no longer tentative or unsure. I'm elated that black women are finally being recognized with a call to the forefront (no longer used as a muse), ready to influence, inspire and ignite change among our own. You see 2020 cleared the path for Her to see what must be planned, executed, rid of, and replaced. Ladies, we have a new agenda on our hands.

The first order of business is to stop looking to the world to restore our worth. The pop culture we spend millions of dollars supporting does not support us! We support us, we create the beauty industry, the fashion trends, and the culture, so let us refocus those millions back to us. Black women, we can control the narrative of our worth, by binding together, creating together, and building wealth together.

It's time yall! Are you ready for the journey we are about to embark on?

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