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Empowerment. Transparency. Sisterhood. 


Who We Are

While conducting research on Black women in leadership positions in higher education and the microaggressions they encountered on their journey to the top, Dr. Lightsey-Joseph noted that she, along with many of the women in her study longed for more opportunities to connect with other Black women in positions of power across industries.

Recognizing that there is real value in sisterhood, Dr. Lightsey-Joseph created The Roaring Twenties, LLC, an organization committed to unifying Black women with a shared commitment to the following tenets:

  • Advancing educational equity

  • Building financial stability and solvency

  • Cultivating entrepreneurial skills

  • Designing supportive mentorship opportunities for young Black women

  • Examining educational, economical, political, and health-related policies and practices and their impact on Black women

The self-preservation of the Black woman in the United States is the foundation for every crowdfunding campaign, initiative, and program we undertake. It is our hope that by starting this socioeconomically vital organization, that Black women in the United States can work together to stabilize our futures and the futures of Black girls in this century and beyond. 

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