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Frequently asked questions

Tell me more…

Sure thing, sis. Think of TRT as a virtual salon where you kick back with your homegirls and get your mind right. This is a place where we acknowledge there are unique challenges we face in American society, work towards fixing the challenges that we can control, and do so while building strong relationships with one another. This space is all about your self-preservation. Here you can discuss what matters to you without being bombarded with the opinions of others outside of your identity. Everyone here is committed to helping one another become the best versions of themselves and achieving their personal and professional goals.


How do I become a member?

Membership to TRT is easy and quick. Simply visit our membership page to select a membership plan that works for you. All membership requests are reviewed by our team, If approved, you will receive an email that notifies you of your membership plan's incentives.


What are the requirements for membership?

Membership is reserved for Black women who radiate positive energy and are U.S. citizens. That’s it!

Can I join The Roaring Twenties, LLC if I am not a Black woman?


Can I support The Roaring Twenties, LLC if I am not a Black woman?

Absolutely. You can follow us on our social media pages down below, share our platform with the Black women in your lives and sign up to support on a monthly basis via the membership page.

Does membership auto-renew?

Yes. Membership fees are charged monthly via auto-pay.


Can we change our membership plan at any time?

Yes. You can choose to change your membership plan at any time if you are in the Cub, Huntress, or Warrior membership plans. For Heiress and Queen members, please send us an email through the contact page


What are the benefits of membership?

Please review the membership page for more insight into what benefits are associated with your respective membership tier.


What opportunities are there for engagement with other Black women?

At TRT, we have several opportunities for member engagement:

  • The Speakeasy is our forum where you can create posts to engage with other members on topics related to beauty, education, and politics (to name a few).

  • The Den is the TRT blog where the C-suite team, contributing writers and select TRT members share their own experiences and takes on the intricacies of Black femininity. If you are a Queen or Heiress member, you can submit your blog submissions to the C-suite team for review. You can also engage with members in the comments.

  • TRT hosts virtual mixers where members and guests can come together to discuss topics that are unique to our experience. These events are accessible on the events page. Please note: these events are free for Queen members and offered at a discounted rate for Heiress members. All other members must pay full-price to attend.


What is Her Renaissance?

Her Renaissance is a monthly newsletter that includes a collection of selected articles, books, and videos curated by the TRT team to keep you 'in the know' on political, financial, educational, and health information that may impact Black women in the United States. It also includes suggestions for additional reading from prominent Black feminist authors and a message from our founder.

How does the TRT mentorship program work?

Queen and Heiress members are surveyed to determine who is interested and available to mentor members in the Huntress and Warrior tiers. We then create a list of mentors available and release the list to the Huntress and Warrior members and they select their top three choices from the list. We then pair mentors and mentees based on industry, availability, and interests. Mentorship opportunities are bi-annual (occurring every 6 months). Once the six months are up on your mentorship period, mentees and mentors complete a survey about the experience and can decide to continue with the opportunity or try another connection with a different member in the mentorship program.

Where do we send suggestions and ideas?

Any suggestions or ideas you'd like to provide the TRT team can be sent via the contact page

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