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31 Black-Women-Owned Brands to Support this Month


art by brandi junious is the place to shop for all things zen. Choose from a plethora of her Black goddess, centric prints, and yoga wear before it's all gone!

With beautifully vibrant artwork that captures the effortless swag of our culture, Kashmir has the sauce and you can too!


As if this makeup powerhouse needs an introduction! Paint your face like the Queen you are at Juvia's Place.

Beauty Bakerie's products go on smooth like butter and smell even better!

We've watched Supa's rise to mogul status from day one and with her Crayon Case cosmetic line, we are eager to see where sis goes next.

A clean and balanced yoni is much desired around these parts and the Honey Pot has us covered.


Mama always said stay out of Her Pocketbook but C. Nicole Allison and her homegirls will let you pass them theirs. Tune into her podcast for conversations around life, love, and all things womanly.

Designed to provide content creators of color with more stock images that represent their unique lens of the world, TONL brings Black people into focus.

Are your finances as fabulous as your closet? Tonya at MyFabFinance is here to make sure you're keeping it cute without breaking the bank.


Jessica Rich Shoes were made for walking into boardrooms, banks, and maybe a bedroom if we have the time!

Valentine's Day comes once a year but we Love, Vera all year long!

Sis said, 'Imma model my own fashions' and we think no one can do it better than Nichole Lynel.

You might not be able to visit the Amalfi Coast due to Covid-19 but a signature look from Hanifa Official will certainly help you look the part.

Who said Black girls can't do haute couture? Oh...The Daughters of Nonyelum thought a fast-fashion brand said sumthin...

The way Ellae Lisque's fashions grip these curves is dangerous; proceed with caution, sis.

Nude Barre blends seamlessly into the rich textures of our melanin and we are grateful.

No one can put a look together that will turn all the right heads like Souk+Sepia can.

You don't have to be green with Kloset Envy; you can be orange, black, and pink with it too.


We're filing a class-action lawsuit against Sweet Delight Cheesecakes for single-handedly making us gain 15 lbs during the 'panoramic'. You better order now before we take them for all they've got.

We hear prayer works but a plant-based diet is the only way to get to Food Heaven.

At TRT, we collect checks, cards, coins, and now we're adding The Cupcake Collection to the mix.

Partake Foods gives us more reasons to keep visiting the pantry and we're not complaining.

We've had many a conversation with our homegirls that we can't remember thanks to the McBride Sisters Wine Collection!


Chile, Carol's Daughter put her foot in these hair products! They keep our coils and curls well-fed!

Sienna Naturals is giving photosynthesis; your curls will shine so bright!

Always one to go viral with their hair challenges, these products consistently prove it's Deeper Than Hair; it's a movement just for us.

Miss Jessie's grandkids made it do what it do and after using their products, your curls will get in line too.


Finding a Noble Brand these days is hard to come by but lucky for you, this sister created one for us.

Pillow talk never looked so Modish! Give 'em something to talk about with these beauties.

We all have that Awkward Auntie bud did you know she was a lifestyle aesthetic? Check out some of auntie's gorgeous candles and potters.

We're in the Age of Aquarius and Hell Notes for Beauty is here to help you transition into this new spiritual era with ease.

Be sure to check out the wonderful brands included in this list and follow them on all their socials!

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