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What's On Your Mind, Sis?

The Roaring Twenties, LLC. Is a place for empowerment, transparency, and sisterhood amongst Black women in the United States. The Roaring Twenties, LLC, an organization committed to connecting Black women in various industries with a shared commitment to the following tenets:

  • Advancing educational equity

  • Building financial stability and solvency

  • Cultivating entrepreneurial skills

  • Designing supportive mentorship opportunities for young Black women

  • Examining educational, financial, political, and health-related policies and practices and their impact on Black women

​Through real connections, we commit to teaching and learning from one another in the hopes of uplifting our entire community. As such, our blog space is for Black women who are willing to be transparent and vulnerable.

Submission Rules

TRT will only consider blog submissions written by Black women. Additional parameters for submission include the following:

  • Submissions must be completely original (not previously published anywhere else, including your own site)

  • Submissions must include a mini-biography (no more than 4 sentences) for inclusion with the blog post

  • Submissions must be edited to perfection before submitted for our review. Submissions that require excessive editing for grammar and formatting will not be accepted.

Tips for Submitting a Strong Blog Post

While we reserve the right to decline any submission received, we have compiled a list of tips that will aid bloggers in writing strong submissions:

  • They are written with the intention to elevate Black women.

  • They are incredibly personal and the author's voice comes through clearly.

  • They do not require heavy editing or redacting.

  • The advice given, if any, is not cliché and unoriginal. It is bold and rooted in self-preservation by any means necessary.

  • Any tips or suggestions provided are doable and any goals set are actionable.

Blog Post Guidelines

  • Please include an original, eye-catching quote that sums up a vital point from your blog post· Aim for a word count between 1,000-2500 words

  • Choose a topic related to personal growth that is personal to you and a specific story or experience in your life. Please note: We do not accept submissions that promote multi-level marketing (or pyramid scheme companies, organizations, or persons). Submitting a blog post encouraging Black women to join an MLM or follow an MLM on social media will result in your immediate ban from all communication with The Roaring Twenties, LLC. and employees and members within.

  • Any personal story, experience, or life event that you share should be described in great detail. Don’t tell us it was a difficult time for you, show us. Let us know how you felt before, during, and after the situation.

  • Expect that there may be readers who have or are experiencing similar challenges. Ensure that there is some lesson or light at the end of the tunnel moment in your story that readers can learn from.

  • This post is NOT a campaign opportunity for you to promote your blog or your personal coaching service. Submissions with this angle will not be accepted. Reserve any self-promotion to your mini-bio.

  • No links in the body of your post; they will be removed.

How to Submit

  • Blog submissions are due by 11:59 PM on the 20th of every month. All submissions received will be under consideration for the following month.

  • Send submissions to with the subject title formatted as follows: RE: BLOG SUBMISSION-Title of Blog Post

  • Attach a photo of yourself to be added to your mini-bio (ensure the photo is not blurry or too small)

TRT Response Time

All submissions will receive a response from the TRT C-suite team within two weeks of receipt. If we believe your post is a good fit for the blog, we will email you and let you know your submission has been reviewed and accepted along with the date you can expect your blog to be posted on the site. If we do not accept your submission, we will inform you via email. Please note: if your submission is denied we will not provide insight into why it was not accepted and ask that you reference this document. You are welcome to try again with a different blog submission at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for being a contributor to The Roaring Twenties blog community! We look forward to reading your work soon!

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